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The Very Best Cleaning Service cleans a wide range of properties.  Medical clinics, gyms, dance studios, salons, general offices, and our SPECIALTY apartment complexes

Apartment Complexes
Apartment Turn Overs
Other Facilities

Common areas of apartments complexes including community room, exercise room, bathrooms, garbage rooms, laundry rooms, staircases, guest suites

Includes kitchen clean all surfaces inside and out of refrigerator, stove, microwave, dishwasher, cabinets, counters, sink, pull appliances and wash floor area along with rest of floor area.
Wash windows, sills, and sash, dust and/or wash blinds
Wash outlet and swith plates, heat registers, vents, door jams, ceiling fans, light globes, shelves in closets, laundry area cleaned, washer and dryers cleaned outside and inner lid area.
Bathroom toilet, sink, bath tub and shower areas cleaned and sanitized, mirrors, medicine cabinet, vanity inside and out, lights and vents

All commercial properties will have a written proposal spceifically outling the work to be completed to your specifications

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